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Dear Fellow Nigerian,

Listen, I get it.

We are all going through a hard time in Nigeria and nobody can deny it.

Ever since the beginning of the new administration…

The life of the average Nigerian has been turned completely upside down!

Things have become crazily expensive and nobody can deny it.

Everybody is tired and complaining about the daily increase in the price of common food to eat.

The outrageous price of fuel (now at #900 per liter as i write this)…

And it’s harder to find a place to live comfortably.

Even worse....

Many minimum wage earners can no longer “breathe” properly with the unimaginable increase in inflation.

Their salary can’t even get them half way into the month and they keep drowning in depth. 

Graduates and undergraduates are losing their minds because they are either struggling to secure a job…

Or they are stuck in school, moving slowly like a snail, with no end insight.

This reminds me of how I almost lost my mum as a jobless graduate… just because I had no money for her treatment.

Look, if you you find yourself in this situation…

…then it’s 

NOT your fault.

The government is fully aware of all these but they are not ready to change it.

Every greedy one is after the “national cake” and how to get their own cut out of it.

But you don't have to wait for the greedy government or anyone for that matter to escape from this hell on earth.

And this is because – as I write this to you – a handful of folks are secretly exploiting the new anti-naira printer”…

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Without anyone knowing they are even doing it.

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And with nothing more than their smartphone and data connection.

But why the new "anti-naira printer" and what is it all about?

You see, this anti naira printer was used to start a business that’s now worth $1.19 Trillion.

And according to Forbes, this massive untapped market that is unknown to many, only 1% of people are taking advantage.

If you haven't guess it already, this anti-naira printer is popularly called:

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. (Amazon KDP).

Amazon KDP is a subdivision of the popular e-commerce platform; Amazon

And this special session allows you to publish simple ebooks, color books, hardcover books on various topics, etc…

Place it in front of eager-to-pay buyers from the U.S. U.K, Canada, etc (above 300 million people around the globe)… and keep selling these books like clockwork.

But mind you, the new anti-naira printer works differently on Amazon KDP

The year is 2023 and to make it big with Amazon KDP,  you need the new anti-naira printer.

Inflation and government policies have weakened the value and purchasing power of the naira…

…coupled with the fact that most household income remains static

But by using the anti-naira printer…


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Coach Sani Zakari. 


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